electrical and electronics engineering To maintain 75% of results every year and to produce 90% first Class out of which 20% with distinction.

Electrical And Electronics Engineering

Electrical and Electronics Engineering has evolved into an exciting high technology discipline covering a wide spectrum of engineering activities. We have excellent infrastructure in the laboratory. Qualified and dedicated faculty members make the task of accomplishing this easier.

Students are always given the best opportunities for independent thinking, which will help them in utilizing their potential creativity as technology has advanced, so have the challenges facing the modern engineer. The EEE branch aims at training the students in the field of Electrical, Electronics and computer engineering. The curriculum is so designed such that the students get sufficient knowledge in both theoretical and practical.

Department Goal

  • To encourage the students to participate in various co-curricular and extracurricular activities.
  • To encourage the students to take up industry specific projects.
  • To achieve 100% placements.
  • To improve teaching - learning process.
  • To encourage faculty to take up post graduation.
  • To become globally recognized center of excellence in fields of Electrical Engineering.
  • To strengthen the industry institute interaction.
  • To equip all the Laboratories with 1:1 student experiment ratio.


  • Electrical machines lab
  • Electrical circuits and simulation practical lab
  • Control of electrical machines practical lab
  • Electrical circuits and machines practical lab