electronics and communication engineering To maintain 75% of results every year and to produce 90% first Class out of which 20% with distinction.


Electronics & Communication Follows the curriculum prescribed by DOTE, Chennai for the award of Diploma. The department is well equipped with well established Laboratories. We have excellent infrastructure in the laboratory. Qualified and dedicated faculty members make the task of accomplishing this easier. Students are always given the best opportunities for independent thinking, which will help them in utilizing their potential creativity. The growth of Electronics & Communication Department is exponential in all the best activities. It is one of the strongest academic sections of the college. It is well equipped with the state-of art facilities, laboratories and best infrastructure which are also regularly upgraded.

Department Goal

  • The department aims to impart technical education to students and satisfy all the requirements needed for the industrial environment.
  • The department's ultimate goal is to kindle the creativity and new thoughts among the students by providing them a lot of basic and advanced latest information and to make the brightest way for the career and higher studies for the students.
  • We impart quality engineers to rural and urban students thereby producing competent, disciplined and quality engineers to serve the society for the nation.


  • Electronic Devices and Circuits Practical lab
  • Electrical Circuits & Instrumentation Practical lab
  • Integrated Circuits Practical lab
  • Advanced Communication Systems Practical lab
  • Microcontroller Practical lab
  • Very Large Scale Integration Practical lab